Our Vision

Envision Vibrant Communities


We envision vibrant, resilient, equitable communities where people feel connected to each other and enjoy shared assets that benefit all.

Safety, Stability, and Wealth

We envision communities that have sufficient resources allocated to affordable housing, childcare, healthcare, and other social services.

We believe these resources should create a safety net as well as opportunities for people to overcome systemic barriers to prosperity and build wealth and stability for themselves and future generations.

Genesis strives to:

  • Ensure a safety net for people experiencing homelessness, substance use disorder, domestic violence, food insecurity, and poor access to healthcare;
  • Provide supportive housing for people with persistent mental illness or intellectual, developmental, or physical disabilities that require ongoing supportive services;
  • Increase the supply of affordable and high-quality homes, childcare centers, healthcare facilities, and other infrastructure that supports healthy and just communities;
  • Create opportunities to build wealth, power, and control for people facing systemic barriers to opportunity and prosperity, including very rural and BIPOC communities; and
  • Build vibrant, resilient, equitable urban and rural communities where people thrive.
“We need sufficient supplies of all types of housing in Maine, including affordable and supportive housing, to have robust, inclusive, communities where everyone can live and thrive.”
— Cullen Ryan, Executive Director, Community Housing of Maine


Our borrowers include grassroots and community-based organizations, nonprofits, public housing authorities and mission-driven private developers, many of whom have limited or no access to traditional financing or look to Genesis to fill financing gaps or bridge between other funders.
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Genesis provides low- or no-cost professional services, including feasibility assessments, fund and project development, and development consulting for community projects in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont.
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We use our on-the-ground knowledge of project development to bring decision-makers information on how policy solutions and program improvements can increase the flow of capital and produce greater equity and prosperity in communities.
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We provide a simple, accessible investment opportunity for individuals and institutions to be part of solutions that address communities’ hardships and challenges.
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