What can Genesis loans do?

Loans from Start to Finish

Julia Sleeper-Whiting, Executive Director of Tree Street Youth, stands in a classroom in the building she was able to purchase with the help of financing and guidance from the Genesis Fund.Image

Our experience, knowledge, networks, and financial resources help turn ideas and dreams into success stories.

When your project needs a loan, we’ll work hard to say yes.

We offer financing to buy or renovate property and plan and complete projects. Loans can be made for:

  • Acquisition: to buy land or property
  • Predevelopment: to pay costs related to planning a project
  • Construction: to pay for building a structure
  • Rehabilitation: to pay for repairing and preserving a structure
  • Working capital: to finance short-term cash flow needs until other operating sources are in hand
  • Leasehold improvements: to pay for project improvements when you hold a lease
  • Bridge or “gap” financing: to provide funds for a short time until other project funding sources are in hand

You may know exactly what kind of loan your project needs, or you may need help sorting that out. That’s why we’re here.

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PHOTO With guidance and financing from Genesis, Julia Sleeper-Whiting has grown Tree Street Youth from a small after-school homework program to a bustling community hub serving thousands of children, young adults, and families in downtown Lewiston. Photo: Flax Studios
“Genesis support and guidance was vital to our youth, families, and the community we serve. Without it, we truly would not be where we are today.”
— Julia Sleeper, Executive Director, Tree Street Youth, Lewiston, Maine