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Investing in the Genesis Fund provides your clients a financial return and a real opportunity to transform communities and change lives.

Your clients can invest with confidence, knowing that their capital is in safe hands.

  • Our investors tell us they deeply value this chance to make an impact right here in Maine and Northern New England.
  • They appreciate that we keep our process simple, and that we’re easy to reach and talk with.
  • They trust us, and they know we admire them for aligning their investment strategy with their values.

Investing in the Genesis Fund offers a fixed rate of return and simple interest paid annually—a reliable, predictable income stream that complements your clients’ investment strategies.

While investments in the fund are unsecured, our sterling track record spanning over three decades speaks volumes. Since our founding in 1992, we have diligently upheld our commitment to our investors, achieving a 100% repayment of principal.

We’re happy to provide you with our annual audited financial statements, as well as other financial and loan performance data.

You, personally, can make a positive impact, too. By partnering with the Genesis Fund, you become part of a community of professionals dedicated to driving meaningful change—while you empower your clients to make a difference.

Contact the Genesis Fund and redefine the possibilities of investment. Let’s collaborate, to shape a future where financial prosperity goes hand in hand with helping out neighbors and communities.

Download these investment forms to share with your clients: Individual or Institution.

The above is qualified in its entirety by reference to the Genesis Community Loan Fund Prospectus, available here.

PHOTO Genesis helped community members advance a project to build Southern Harbor Eldercare, a new a senior housing facility on the Maine island of North Haven.
“Clients are gradually taking control of a greater share of wealth. These investors, particularly millenials, place a priority on aligning their financial choices with their values.”
— Impact Investing on the Rise: How Financial Advisors are Adapting, Fidelity Charitable