Action for Impact

Genesis invests in hundreds of communities and thousands of individuals and families.

PHOTO Opening the Greater Portland Immigrant Welcome Center, developed with guidance from Genesis: Genesis Board Member Shima Kabirigi, Maine Senator Angus King, and Damas Rugaba, the center’s board president
Three people smile at the camera while attending the grand opening of the Portland Immigrant Welcome Center: Genesis Board Member Shima Kabirigi, Maine Senator Angus King, and Damas Rugaba, the center’s board president.


Genesis makes an impact.

Our work increases the supply of affordable homes, childcare centers, healthcare facilities, and other infrastructure that supports healthy and just communities.


Since 1992, Genesis has:

Originated nearly
$96 million
in loans

These loans helped create affordable housing, food pantries, childcare and healthcare facilities, and more. Resources that help communities overcome barriers to prosperity keep individuals and families safe and healthy, create job opportunities, revitalize neighborhoods, and promote economic growth.


Leveraged an additional
$600 million

Genesis funding leverages significant support from other institutions and individuals into community projects. One transformational example is Lewiston, Maine’s Choice Neighborhood Initiative.

A smiling young girl holds a Republic of El Salvador flag as she runs in front of onlookers at a community celebration in Lewiston, Maine.

Made loans to over
different projects

When our borrowers repay their loans, the funds become available again, revolving into new loans to projects that transform lives.

Supporters happily prepare to cut the ribbon at the grand opening of a Genesis Fund-supported senior housing facility in North Haven, Maine.

Provided more than
hours of expert guidance

The Genesis team helps communities explore needs, analyze data, and find funding. They complete feasibility studies and financial projections. They introduce project planners to developers. They ensure projects are on the right track, sparking life-changing impacts for people across communities.

Two men who are food pantry volunteers unloading boxes from van

Guided and advised
community projects

At low or no cost to the groups that made these projects happen, we built knowledge and capacity. And that has greatly increased these projects’ potential for long-term sustainability. It’s a number to be proud of, and one we're growing every year.