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The First Step is Contacting Us

A person greets a visitor from the open doorway to the Genesis Fund's office at 22 Lincoln Street in Brunswick.Image

Contact a Genesis staff member for expert guidance about feasibility studies, financial projections, predevelopment work, construction planning, and funding.

We’re here to help.

Get in touch, whether you know exactly what guidance your project needs, you need help sorting that out, or you’re interested in flexible Genesis lending. We also have information for individuals and institutions about impact investing with the Genesis Fund.

LEFT Greetings from the Genesis Fund office at 22 Lincoln Street in Brunswick. Photo: Erin Little

Get Guidance

For help with project planning.
Email John

Learn About Our Loans

For questions about new loans.
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Your Existing Loan

For questions regarding existing loans.
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Impact Investing

For information about an investment.
Email Eileen

Media Inquiries

For media-related inquiries.
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General Questions

For general information.
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