People deserve a dignified way of life and some control over their lives. My mother is a good example. She is almost 86; all she wants is to live her life independently in her current home until she can’t.

Daughter of affordable housing resident

Genesis Fund Community Investment Program

Investment loans to the Genesis Fund create affordable housing, community facilities, and jobs. It’s easy and you can earn up to 3.5% interest! An investment loan to the Genesis Fund helps build our pool of lending capital while you earn interest. You tailor the investment loan to fit your needs.

Check out our downloadable Genesis Fund Investment Program Information and Investment Program Risk Management brochures for additional information - or just download our individual or institutional investment forms to get started!

  • 1
  • Choose an
    amount to invest
  • $1,000 minimum
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  • Define length 
    of investment
  • 1 year minimum
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  • Interest rates
  • Individual rates
    0%–3.5% depending on term of investment loan
  • Institutions & organizations
    up to 2.0%

Supporting your community


Why should I invest in Genesis?

The Genesis Fund provides a unique investment opportunity for socially concerned individuals and institutions who want to put a portion of their assets to work for long-term community redevelopment in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. Your investment loan will be used to make loans to sustainable projects that address vital community needs, and will help leverage additional public and private support for affordable housing and facilities projects. In return, you receive a modest financial return on your investment, and the satisfaction of knowing that your investment is making a difference for communities throughout Northern New England.

How will my investment loan be used?

Your investment loan will provide direct support for affordable housing and community facilities projects. This support will come in the form of a loan to a nonprofit organization that will be repaid over time. As loans are repaid, they become available for new projects, and are “revolved” back out for other projects that meet critical community needs.

How do I know that my money is making a difference?

The Genesis Fund does not solicit investments beyond our capacity to lend the money for community purposes. Your investment will begin supporting local affordable housing and facilities projects soon after we receive it. Through our annual updates, you’ll gain a better appreciation of the impact of your investment. We also encourage you to sign up for our E-Newsletter and follow our Facebook page for updates on new and ongoing projects that we are supporting.

What kind of terms do you offer on investment loans?

Investors in the Genesis Fund choose the amount, term and interest rate based on their financial and social goals. Individual investors are eligible for interest rates up to 3.5%. The minimum investment is $1,000 and the minimum term is 1 year. Simple interest is paid annually.

Is my money safe?

While no guaranty is given, the Genesis Fund has a record of 100% repayment to our investors. We maintain reserves to protect investors from losses in our portfolio, and secure the loans we make with collateral, typically a mortgage on real property. We also maintain a net asset position that would enable us to cover substantial losses. There is no FDIC insurance on the funds, and in extreme economic conditions, the funds could be at risk.

What if I need to access my money before the term of my investment expires?

In the event that unforeseen circumstances may make it necessary to terminate an investment before maturity, we will work with you to try to repay the principal balance and outstanding interest in a timely manner, but no guaranty can be given.

Are there any tax benefits to investing in the Genesis Fund?

There are no clearly identifiable tax benefits at this time; however, donations to the Genesis Fund are tax-deductible to the full extent permitted by law. Many investors choose to donate their annual interest and make a provision for loan forgiveness in their estate plan.

How do I invest?

Once you have determined the amount, term and interest rate for your investment, please contact us and we will generate the necessary documents. Please contact us at (207) 844-2035 or by email at to discuss the details of your investment loan.

What will I receive from Genesis once I’ve invested?

On the anniversary of your investment, we will provide you with an update on our activities and, as appropriate, interest and principal payments. Additional information such as audited financial statements may be provided upon request.

The Genesis Community Loan Fund is perceived as trustworthy. Having them in a deal is like a stamp of approval and demonstrates the quality of the project.

Bryan Shumway, President, The Wishcamper Companies, Inc.

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The above is qualified in its entirety by reference to the Genesis Community Loan Fund Prospectus, available here.