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Kate Manahan, a Genesis Fund individual investor.
PHOTO Kate Manahan, who partners with the Genesis Fund as an individual investor along with her husband, Tim, and son, Jansen.

Kennebunk, Maine

Kate Manahan and Family

When my husband and I were ready to make an investment, we were looking for one we could believe in.

I was excited when I heard about the Genesis Fund, which offered a creative way to use our resources to help build healthier communities, while earning interest.

It was a sweet surprise when I learned that our son, Jansen, who had majored in Economics and was working at his first job out of college, decided to invest his earnings in Genesis as well, to give back to the Maine community that helped raise him.

He said, “I chose Genesis because it is a more conscientious choice than the stock market and a more prudent choice than a savings account.”

We are all proud to be part of the good works made possible by Genesis.