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Mark Swann, Executive Director of Preble Street in Portland, Maine.
PHOTO Mark Swann, Preble Street executive director. At one time, Preble Street was a Genesis Fund borrower. Now, it's an investor.

Portland, Maine

Mark Swann, Executive Director of Preble Street

Twenty years ago, Preble Street was preparing to build a new center for homeless youth and Maine’s first Homeless Health Clinic. The Genesis Fund supported us with a bridge loan to get these critical projects underway.

As Preble Street has grown, we established a modest endowment of our own. When we considered how to make investments that reflect our values, we immediately thought of the Genesis Fund.

Our relationship has now come full circle, and we are proud to be able to ensure the stability of our agency while investing in an organization that shares our commitment to overcoming systemic barriers and providing resources for community needs.