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PHOTO Empowering people to move from homelessness to home is Tedford Housing’s mission. When its new shelter opens, guests like James will have access to nearby resources including health care, employment opportunities, public transportation, and retail and other businesses.

Tedford Housing

Realizing a Vision of Shelter

Recognizing that housing instability is a fundamental barrier to health and well-being, Tedford Housing, based in Brunswick, Maine, is on an ambitious journey to break ground next year on a 64-bed emergency shelter with ten family apartments and dormitory space for adults. On-site case management services will assist residents in finding and securing permanent housing.

In 2018, Genesis began learning about Tedford Housing’s goals, opportunities, and challenges. We assisted as they devised a comprehensive plan that started with a feasibility study to assess the community’s willingness to support the project.

“The bridge loan from Genesis allowed us to simultaneously pursue initial site preparations while launching our capital campaign, then quickly pay off the loan. Small nonprofits like Tedford rely on Genesis for a helping hand to get big things done.”
—ANDREW LARDIE, Tedford Housing interim executive director

Next, we worked with Tedford to identify and assess potential land options, create financial projections and budgets, and develop project plans. Finally, we made a bridge loan for the purchase of over three acres of land near Cook’s Corner, where the shelter will be built.

We’re proud to have guided and invested in a project that will offer safety and relief—towards the goal of providing housing stability.