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A Genesis Fund staff member addresses a community group interested in building affordable housing for their neighbors.
ABOVE Genesis Fund's Senior Program Officer, John Egan, addresses a community group interested in accessing funding and guidance to build affordable housing.

A Bold Initiative - Statewide, ME

Taking Action to Alleviate a Housing Crisis

Through direct engagement in communities, Genesis ensures our efforts are grounded in real needs and aspirations. We work with people to identify resources and create partnerships that can change lives.

One example of that is a bold Genesis initiative supported by a contract from MaineHousing.

In 2023, Genesis collaborated with local stakeholders to organize a series of eight regional training forums, virtual and in-person, attracting more than 120 individuals. They represented municipalities, community groups, small-scale developers, and nonprofit organizations across Maine.

Their commonality: dedication to creating small-scale affordable housing projects.

The Genesis team led training participants through the intricacies of project development, outlining crucial steps for approvals and financing and delivering valuable expert advice on assembling effective project teams. Sessions increased participants’ knowledge and gathered their insights, while reinforcing that housing advocates and their communities “are in this together” across the state.

As one outcome of the sessions, Genesis guidance helped more than a dozen project developers take steps to become ready for MaineHousing funding.

Directly delivering expertise, information, and resources is a critical way that Genesis provides support to communities to address the state’s housing challenges head on.